Enter The Spooky Door with hosts Ashley and Jordan. Hear stories from those who have had first-hand encounters with the unexplained. Ashley and Jordan are providing a safe space for guests to relate their experiences of mystery, wonder, and sometimes even horror. True, this subject can be heavy and daunting, but our guests have intrepid spirits, and contribute their own brands of wit--and oftentimes humor. They peel back the veil to reveal in-depth images into a different realm--one of strange events, places, occurrences, phenomena, and even the occult.



Jordan Chasteen

Host/ Producer

Jordan has always been fascinated with the occult and has experienced more than his fair share of the unexplainable. He loves to share his passions and encourages others to share their encounters with the unknown. He is also a sound/video editor, graphic designer, musician/composer, avid gamer, enjoys good coffee and really bad movies. He has 2 cats and a collector of strange and unusual things.


Ashley James

Host / Producer

Ashley enjoys working in the educational field. She brings her joy of teaching into the podcast by educating others on the paranormal, occult and hauntings. In her spare time she loves spending time with her family and two cats. She enjoys several hobbies such as video games, fitness, painting and reading a good book while enjoying a cup of tea. Friends tend to describe her as eccentric, silly and creative.



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